Miyo Strong

Busath Studio & Gardens

Wednesday, May 05, 2010


It is official!  I am now back from maternity leave!  Let me tell you, if I didn't absolutely LOVE my job I would never come back.  Shooting this lovely couple just reaffirmed how fortunate I am to earn a living doing something I am passionate about.  We lucked out with ideal lighting conditions, finally a day over 40 degrees, not to mention the absolutely darling couple and fabulous dress/flowers!  Thank you D and T for including me in your incredible start to a long life together.  Can't wait for the wedding!


Bruschke said...

LOVE IT! I wanna be a bride all over again and do a miyo bridal session...please, please?!

Willa's Workshop said...

Miyo, these are sooooo pretty! What a talent you have! I love this darling couple. See you in a couple weeks at the celebration. P.S. Thanks for the Willa's Workshop link.